At Three Oaks Recreation Area in The City of Crystal Lake, IL.

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Some call it windsurfing, some call it sailboarding. Call it what you want, we call it fun. Stand up paddle boards have a similar shape to sailboards. So similar, that some manufactures make a stand up paddle board with a dagger board slot and mast track so they can be used as a sailboard. Then all that was needed is to add a rig. The South Lake at Three Oaks Recreation Area is the perfect size for sailboarding.  Try it!

Beginner Sailboard Lesson 

Sailboarding is more complicated than paddleboarding. Not only do you have to learn how to balance on the board, you must learn how to read the wind, learn how to control the wind, learn how to steer the sailboard, and most important, learn to sail upwind. 

Your 2 hour beginner lesson will start with 30 minutes of on-shore instruction explaining the basics of sailboarding, how to read the wind, where to stand, how to lift the sail, and how to steer the board. Then the instructor will go out with you on the water with you for about 30 minutes, depending how quick you catch on. Any remaining time is for having fun.  For your first lesson, the winds must be under 10 mph. 

Weekday 2 hour lesson-  $65.00     Weekend 2 hour lesson-  $70.00

You can call 847-854-4754 between 10 am and 5 pm to make your sailboard reservation.
Or make your 
on-line sailboarding lesson reservation.

Sailboard Rental

Before you rent our sailboard, you must take our 2 hour level 1 lesson and pass the class. When you pass the class, you will receive a card that says you passed the class and then you can rent the sailboard on your own.

Weekday 1 hour rental-  $35.00     Weekend 1 hour rental-   $40.00

Due to the size of the equipment, you must be 18 or older to rent or take a sailboard lesson.


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