At Three Oaks Recreation Area in The City of Crystal Lake, IL.

Board House

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You may launch your paddle board only at the Board House and only when we're open!

THE BOARD HOUSE is closed for the season!

​The Board House offers one of the best lakes in northern IL to paddle board. Located in an old quarry, the large 330 acre, crystal clear water lake sits in valley where NO motorboats are allowed. There are 8 islands, 5 bays, plenty of wildlife and scenery. All this make for a great place to paddle board. The Board House is located in Three Oaks Recreation Area in the City of Crystal Lake, IL. See map.

Entry to Three Oaks Recreation Area is free but there is a $5 parking fee for non-Crystal Lake residents. Once you park your vehicle, transport your board to the Board House for use. If you need assistance transporting your board, call the Board House at 847-943-7043 and we'll send someone out to help.

​Launch/cleaning fee is $10 per board. The launch fee gives you access to the lake for the full day. You must check in at the Board House before launching your board to sign waivers, pay the fee, and have your board cleaned. Three Oaks Recreation Area is very protective of their water quality so a cleaning is necessary. We also need to make sure you wear the proper vest. Waist pfd's are not allowed. If you don't have the proper vest, you can rent one for $5 ​per hour.

The Board House and Three Oaks Recreation Area do have some lake rules that must be followed.

  1. Must be 12 or older. Ages 12-17 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver and present while on they are paddleboarding.
  2. You must wear an approved pfd/vest at all times. NO waist pfd's. A leash will be required on days with winds 10 mph or higher.
  3. There is NO swimming allowed off your paddle board. Swimming back to your board if you fall in is okay.
  4. You can not paddle board in the buoyed off swim area, scuba area, or in the marina dock area.
  5. You are not allowed to go on shore except at the Board House.
  6. Only one person per paddle board on the water is allowed.
  7. Pets are not allowed on your board or in the water.
  8. If you have a problem while on the water, stay with your board and wave your hands over your head. There is a patrol boat on the lake. If you have a phone, you can call 845-790-8840 or 847-943-7043 for assistance.​

Bring your paddleboard

to the Board House

for paddleboarding!

Overnight storage is available. You may store your paddle board at the Board House for easy access. You may only access your board when the Board House is open. Call 847-943-7043 when in doubt if we're open. The Board House or Three Oaks Recreation Area are not responsible for theft or damage to your board while in storage.

Inside storage fees

Overnight- $5 per night   Weekly- $30   Monthly- $99   

You do not have to pay another launch fee with overnight storage.